Why A Bus?

20160604_093309-1Why A Bus?

Well, we have always fancied living in small spaces. A yurt was our original dream but it had been lost along the way of 5 babies, work and life.

Before a converted bus was ever a thought we lived in a one room bay house with a composting toilet and no running water. After the bay house was 520 square feet of the most amazing smelling cedar in the loft space of an old barn. It was short-lived and followed by a small, I mean small, river house. The river house was a bulging mass of 400 square feet. Our final small home was with Ethan’s parents in 1,400 square feet to include 4 adults and 2 kids. All these little houses and living with Ethan’s folks was the extent of our tiny house life. It felt like the dream was over, that it was time to put away childish things and move up in the world, once Ethan joined the military. During his AIT I moved into a rather large apartment with just me and the kids. Then there was HAWAII with its 2,000 square foot, 4 bedroom home. It was huge, isolating and hard to clean. These military years were some of the loneliest and most distant times in our family unit. We wanted more.

While in Hawaii we purchased a 1,400 square foot, remodeled, 100-year-old home, sight un seen in Kansas. It was one step closer to smaller living but it is not quite right. It’s still a chain that keeps us in one place financially and physically, a constant restraint against our ever flowing desire to travel. WE WANT MORE. We want our children to see us living our dream. To be an example is forever more important than being a stagnant voice of “you should” when I didn’t. Now we can say we did, we are and we will. This bus is more than a home it’s us creating the family life we always wanted. Being closer, being financially stable and progressing our self-sufficiency. Without the bus we could not afford for Ethan to go to college, full-time, in two years. Our goals of traveling, furthering education and growing closer as a family are intermingled with needing to pare down expenses and being flexible. What is more flexible than have a movable home? That is where the idea of the bus began, the idea of quality not quantity.

5 years from now I can see us in the bus. I can see us having gone to South America or deep in the plans for making it happen. I hope we will have seen most of the continental U.S. or at least half. What if it doesn’t work, what if we can’t live off dreams and good intentions? At least we tried. There will be no “what if”. We invite you on our journey and we hope you’re encouraged to follow your dreams.

” Don’t you find it odd, that when you’re a kid, everyone, all the world, encourages you to follow your dreams. But when you’re older, somehow they act offended if you try.”

– ‘The Hottest State’, Ethan Hawke

Exodus and the adventures of Tingle Team.




6 thoughts on “Why A Bus?

  1. I love that you are doing this! Isabel and I will be building our tiny home next May when I graduate! My plan is to see all 50 states by her high school graduation! Im so excited for you and your family! Maybe we can meet on the road!

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  2. How do we follow this blog? I ready to see how amazing this journey will be. So proud of you for following your dreams.


    1. You could bookmark it or at the bottom of the page, right hand side, is a follow tab. You enter your email and get updates when new posts have been added.

      LOVE YOU GUYS! Feel free to share the blog 🙂


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