What’s in a name?


Exodus – A mass departure of people. We by no means think that 7 people is a mass departure but it is a whole family ready to decamp from expectations. The social and economic ideals of our culture and nation have never been out heart-felt paradigm. Like God called the Israelites we feel called to go to the “promise land”.

While looking for our bus and thinking about why we were going to do this we knew from the beginning that it was God’s provision. Provision and prosperity looks different to different people. To us its an opulence of family unity and an insatiable love for Christ. Being in 250 square feet is us trusting our security and comfort to God. No, we do not believe that everyone is called to live simple lives and that if you own a home and a new car that you are some how less reliant on the Lord. For us, having less is having more. More time for missions, more time for study and less time on worldly endeavors. As crazy as many of you might think this is, though you have been polite and keep those doubts internal, we are living by faith. Faith is not something hoped for its something promised, still unseen. Our faith is that Christ will honor and bless this life of less possessions with more existence. We are not seeking a longer life but a more fulfilled one, an existence of independent dependency on Him.

While Bob Marley sang “exodus, movement of jah people” I would sing along thinking it was “exodus, moven lots a people”. Even after being corrected, and looking at the lyrics myself, “moven lots a people” was ever engrained in my mind. So, when Ethan asked what  we should name the bus I immediately said exodus. It fits what we are doing. Moving out of one life and into another, moven lots a people. Exo-Bus, as we lovingly call her, will be transporting all our people into our new adventures. As we endeavor to love more deeply and trust fully our Father in heaven, Exodus will be the spark. This spark, once a dream, will ignite a full-fledged revolution in our family unit. I hope and pray that we can pass the kindling on to our children. I want them to run after Christ with all their heart and with all their passions. Together, we will get to our promise land. It’s not a place its an idea, a thought and a hope, it’s faith.

What’s in a name? Everything and nothing, but for us Exodus carries the weight of our goals. Exo-Bus, moven lots a people.

Ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock and it will be opened to you.                    Mathew 7:7

Exodus and the adventure of Tingle Team



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