Getting excited about nothing.

As my children had a tiny melt down today, over throwing away broken toys, I had some deep reflection. What are we doing? What will become of us and is too little too much for the kids?

It’s strange but I am excited about having nothing in societies eyes. Not because it is obviously less to clean but because I feel like the less I invest in things the more I can invest in experiences. I would rather have picnicked at the Grand Canyon then have 20 articles of clothing I hardly wear. Simplifying is so much deeper than possessions, when I think about all the walls in our home I want to simplify. I want to break them down and build something beautiful, something intentional. How am I going to relate and spark this excitement in my children? The same way every other family does. Communication, being intentional and listening are how my children are best reached. I’ll communicate our hopes and dreams, our goals. We will be intentional in our purges always counter balancing with communication. Lastly, we will listen, we will listen to their tiny but effervescent voices about how well we have communicated and about being intentional. We do not want to break their spirits but unleash them! Setting them free in a world of possibilities, in a world were their parents followed their faith.

My goal is that in a few years from now we will all look back and be able to be happy about where we got. Every parent  wants to give their child the whole world. We too aspire the same thing but with a different method. Less, it really can be more. More time, more experiences all the while less in weighting bills and costly distractions. A child unseen, be it tv or another solitary device, is not how WE want to flourish. WE want to see them learn and grown into the amazing adults that they will no doubt be. As a home school parent I get to see the light bulbs go off and I take so much joy in their accomplishments. I have always loved living life with them. In our culture we will all eat different, teach and learn differently. There is more than one way to MAKE a wheel but maybe not reinvent it. You make yours, I’ll make mine and our kids will make theirs. Is not that the beauty of life, you get to choose. I’m not sure how the bus will mold our children just as I wouldn’t be sure how a standard home would. I’m excited to see them blossom, over the moon to give them this part of me and their father. Adventure.

As we all feel the growing pains of minimalism we know that, in the end,  we have each other. That dollie or old car, once treasured but soon forgotten, will not weigh out in the end. The weight will be carried in out hearts. Were we tender or an ear to listen? Did we stay stagnant and unmoving at the feet of their frustration? Only time will tell but I can be sure to make every aspect intentional. To be present even when it’s difficult and I want to tap out. Is this all worth the hassle and uncertainty?  Yes, I do not doubt the outcome just taking the road less traveled.


“There are two ways to be rich: One is by acquiring much, and the other is by desiring little.”

                                                                                                             1948. Jackie French Koller. 

Exodus and the adventures of Tingle Team.






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