Pack only the essentials.

Me and the kids are taking a trip back to Alabama and as I pack for 6 people my eyes cross and I slowly drift into madness.  No, all kidding aside, packing for this many tiny humans is mind numbing, for a number of reasons.

The first reason packing for 5 children, 4 of which having opinions, is a challenge is the amount of items that are necessary. Four outfits, swimsuit,  church outfit  and under wear for each child may seem like nothing but that’s 5 back packs. 5 back packs, because goodness forbid Elan’s dress touch Elijah’s underwear. It would be anarchy, I promise you. I’m hopeful that by separating their items I save myself some refereeing. All the time saved refereeing clothes will be needed to referee snack consumption. 

Another reason packing for this many little dictators is challenging is that we all have different understandings of the word “essentials”. For example,  I think diapers are an essential for my 2 year old but she thinks it’s her tiara collection. My 7 year old could barely pick up her back pack because it was so crammed full of ” essentials”. It was quite impressive, she was able to fit a tea set, 3 full sized stuffed animals, 4 or 5 small stuffed animals and 2 costumes on top of what I packed her. I’m not sure what she was planning to do with these items but it must have been world changing because when she was asked to remove them I became a villain, in direct opposition of her plans. She has since calmed down, though still trying to sneak the “essentials”, and I am hopeful that she will begin speaking to me again in the near future. 

I give you a glimpse into my travel crazy to say that I am so excited about traveling in my home. When we convert our bus there will be very little non essentials. Yes, the kid’s essentials will be priority even if I don’t understand needing four dinosaurs all the same color and type. I collect coffee cups and the kids seem as baffled by that as I am about the rock collection. But once we are in the bus it’s our home. Aside from prepping to drive there will be little to no packing. At this moment, while I gear myself up for a 15 hour drive with 5 children under the age of reasoning, that aspect is appealing. 

I’ll be posting pictures and blogs about our mini adventure over the next few weeks. Thank you for sharing our journey. 

               Let us step into the night and pursue that flighty temptress, adventure.            J.K. Rowling 


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