What are friends for?

We all have those friends that are virtual, the friends from high school who we never see and then there are friends that melt into your daily life and thoughts. Those are the people you can’t  quantify their importance, the ones you  enjoy doing life with.

Exodus has had little improvement over the last month or two due to the oil leak and a fan that Ethan just couldn’t get removed. Trying and trying without avail had made the perfect storm of procrastination and disappointment. There is one person who always  re- ignite’s the flame in my husband fix-it fire and it’s not me. That person is Wade  Mendenhall. When the two of them get together it’s bromance and youtube. I love seeing them work on projects and really enjoying one another’s company. So, Wade has come for the weekend to get Exodus and us a helping hand.

Pictures  to come and hopefully I’ll do justice to the man who has always been there when we needed him, including watching 4 kids while I was giving birth to our 5th, and who we genuinely love.


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