This is the fan that needed to be removed. FOR MONTHS my amazing husband has tried without prevailing to remove this fan so that he could get to the oil leak behind it. Funny enough all we need was the best friend in all the world, Wade.

These video show the first day of trying everything we could think of to pry this darn fan from it’s hold not only on Exodus but also on our progress.


My guys deep in conversation trying to decide the next rout. If they couldn’t  get the fan off we would have to find a traveling diesel mechanic hopefully willing to do us solid with our draining our bus reserve.
wp-image-426459363jpg.jpegBus mess, bus mess, bussy bussy bussy mess 🙂 don’t worry this was rectified  ❤

wp-image-1358623802jpg.jpegDay two and still nothing. These men would not accept  defeat.

20161211_141520.jpgThis, this is complete and utter relief. No longer are we worried about finiding a mithical mechanic of the vagabond variety. We have accomplished what had begun to look futile! Victory!!!!

wp-image-770103243jpg.jpegIt wasn’t all bus and game though, these two never miss an opportunity  to bromance, hince the matching vests……

wp-1481561621141The rectification of the mess and it has once again become a place of excitement. Our reservations nullified we are now moving on with restored resolve.

20161210_082837THANK YOU WADE!!!!!



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