2017, here we come.

Had you told me January of 2016 that by April I would have a bus and that I’d  be beginning an adventure I would have believed you. Seriously, not much could surprise me but I will say the slow roll of our build has got me down every so often. I’m one of those ‘do it now and go all out’ kinda people so the prolonged action has deflated my bus bubble at times. 2017, that’s our year to really get our dreams rolling, hopefully literally as the engine is near completion.

Speaking of the engine, I can’t believe the fiasco that we have had with trying to repair it. Lots of learning has been accomplished but at what cost? You can’t live off dreams alone and for a short moment our bus dreams seemed dashed. Though the engine is now under way you never know what could be next. I can’t dwell on the unknown or I’ll tail spin into an often relished pity party. As frustrating as the engine has been this winter waste land of progress is a close second. It’s too cold to insulate and it’s honestly to cold to finish the welding that is prep for the insulation. 

With the winter keeping us down on the physical aspect of completing our bus we now turn inward to the mental excitement and sometimes anguish of budgeting our time and money. For a moment imagine you have 5 kids, a mortgage, car note,  motorcycle note, electric bill, ext. and then you say to yourself ” Why not leave all this behind (minus the kids) and move into 250 sqft on wheels.”. The reality of that sometimes can knock the wind out of me. I look at our budget and then I realized making it work now will save me years of making it work in the future. That $40+ water bill will one day be a museum outing or some of a plane ticket. The hard work now both on Exodus and about Exodus is investing in our future. She may not be a 401k but she is a means to a very specific end. Sustainability.

I’ll be posting in the next few days a spread sheet that shows our costs so far and will update it as work is done and things are being purchased. Along with the fiscal I’ll also be doing a physical time line, an accountability list if you will. Not that I expect any of you to call us out but I hope is gives us extra incentive to be intentional with out time frame. 


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