What we have been up to. 

Ethan and one of his awesome videos!

Back yard bonfires 

Insulation be gone.

Making things in order to make things. 

The above are just a few pics from our instagram @exodusskoolie.

The future is promising with the much anticipated arrival of our dear friend Wade, getting the engine repaired and beginning the window removal for the back half of Exodus. I’ll be better at updating out progress and will most likely be sprinkling in some family/homeschool post along the way :). Thanks for taking the journey with us!


A little bit at a time. Part 1

Photo credit: Myself 😉

I feel like a kid at Christmas, once all the presents have been un-wrapped,  when nothing has been assembled yet. Frustrated and impatient are the feelings clouding my excitement. Im ready for the nitty gritty the hard work not the tedious prep. Alas, the prep stage is the stage we are at. Here is what we have done so far. It’s not much but it’s progress and if nothing else we will all learn some much needed patience.

Photo credit to Ethan

Ethan removed the rear heater that uses engine coolant as its heat source. This could have been a messy job but Ethan was epic and didn’t spill any radiator fluid while removing. Shout out to my awesome handy hubby!!

With the rear heater removed we have more space for the kids bunks and bath room. Another plus to its removal is that once the bus’s interior is completed there is no concern of a radiator leak from the heater.

Another example of Ethan’s composition skills

When we had the bus delivered it developed an oil leak, from the main seal, on its
way from Texas. We opted to fix it ourselves and have learned a lot. She is still in the works. Estimated time of completion: Within the month. I’ll post specifics once the oil leak is repaired.

This is me taking off sticker for days. Patience is always a virtue I’ve prided myself with having until the bus. These stickers are the bane of my existence. Who knew there were so many? Not me, that’s for sure. I have learned how to use a heat gun, which may never be a useful task for anything other than reflective tape.

Check back later this week for part 2. To see more photos of our progress check us out on Instagram @exodusskoolie